The Export Quality Build Bike, the Classic Bike, this is similar to the Indian National Build using Genuine parts, Original Equipment (OE), Original Equpment Supplied (OES), best quality after market parts; but in addition, the cylinder and head, seat, centre stand, foot rests, wheel rims, spokes, hubs, fuel tank, mudguards, tool boxes, handle bars and air filter box are all brand new parts. Export Quality bikes are fully customisable to match your personality. Whether you want a standard looking Enfield, a military look, a marquis Classic, a tourer, a very vintage, or a slight chopper; we can provide a great product. With time and money, anything is possible. Export Quality bikes are an investment, a bike that has been well constructed and well presented will be admired wherever it travels, bikes of this quality have high resale value, are very collectable and salable in your country as our prices here in India even though costs are increasing are still exceptionally good. Not all bikes are built equal, restored bikes priced at 2007 values are what they may seem, local and recycled parts are much easier to obtain than genuine and a quickly built bike is not an asset. Take care in spending your money, take care in choosing your supplier, we want you to have the asset that will appreciate in value. It is important for you to know your countries regulations for importing and road licensing, we can locate bikes of a particular age and then build the bike that you want. Many countries have a ‘vintage’ criteria for vehicles that permit the bike to be imported without having to meet certain pollution emissions standards. Many countries have a graduated import duties or taxation levy based on the age of the vehicle, you will need to know these regulations and decide for yourself what year of bike will be most suitable to suit your requirements. For European countries we will supply ‘E’ Mark headlights, indicator sidelights, back tail light and tyres to reduce the hassles that you may face with non ‘EU’ fittings. For countries where strict quarantine regulations apply, we will scrub the bike clean to ensure that no dirt remains. We foam pack and wrap the bikes and they are crated into a solid timber frame and plywood box for secure shipping. All registration, and shipping documents including fumigation certificates are supplied. The cost for shipping includes all taxes, documentaion and freight upto your port of destination. All port and customs charges from unloading are the customers responsibility.