The Indian National Build Bike, a bike made for the traveller to conficently ride much of India with confidence and when the journey is complete on sell the bike to another traveller. This style bike has the engine and gearbox fully machined, reconditioned and rebuilt with Genuine parts or Original Equipment (OE) or Original Equipment Supplied (OES), The rest of the bike will have OE, OES or best quality parts and after market accessories. As some parts are no longer supplied or in production by the original manufacturer, sourcing good quality parts, rather than the commonly used local parts is our priority. All electricals, battery, indicators, wiring, tail and headlamp, switch controllers (OES) are brand new, all brakes, clutch, clutch and brake levers, carburettor, exhaust pipe, front and rear shock absorbers, chain and sprocket set, tyres and tubes (OES) are all brand new. The engine and clutch housings, cylinder, head, frame, swing arm, centre stand, side stand, foot rests, head lamp housing, wheel rims, re-upholsted seat, tank, tool boxes, air filter box and mudguards, these are normally all used and recycled parts. The Export Quality Build Bikes have all brand new high quality parts other than engine casing, crank. You may wish to customise your bike with a 5 speed left side gearbox, front disc brake, single sprung seats, 21 litre fuel tank, carriers, crash bars, selected paint for the frame and the body and tank decals.