A place where you can bring your bikes for servicing, discuss the problems that you are having. We treat our customers and their bikes with respect. We treat our customers as our family and look forward to build strong relationships At our workshop you do not have to sit with your bike and make sure that Everything is done right. Nothing is stripped and swapped and shared between Other bikes as happens often here in India; a bit like the trade in body parts. You can safely leave your bike with us, if we find something that you need to know about, we will call to discuss it. Bikes will be ready as per your requirements; ensuring that you do have the best quality work done within your budget and your riding to be safe.

We will not make promises that may not be possible to keep, but we will do our best to get you on the road as soon as possible Many customers have found that we will put the effort in and work after our Closing time, to try to get your bike finished and you on the road again. We ask always that you have a little flexibility in your travelling plans to allow for your bike to be serviced properly. Our prices may be a fraction higher than others, our success in finding the problem is excellent.

We do provide a Limited Warranty on the parts that we use and on our labour We also provide a great deal of information on how the rider can minimize problems by taking care of the bike Our staff have extremely good knowledge and experience, we are confident that any problem that we find can be fixed If you want to know where a Kashmir Bikers workshop is, or that we have heard of Kashmir Bikers standard that has been recommended. Please E-mail us.

We might not be as good as Royal Enfield workshop but we do offer provider same standard. We do care more for YOUR BIKE than a average mechanic will do. Our mechanics are regularly being trained to keep up to date with the new bikes and to ensure their knowledge and skill level is high.